The following schedule gives an exemplary overview of planning, implementation and opening of a ROLLERCOASTERRESTAURANT® which normally requires a realization period of 12 months. The given example deals with a spectacular ROLLERCOASTERRESTAURANT® with approximately 200 seats, 2 loops, various multi spirals etc. An appropriate location is always a necessary prerequisite.

1st stage- design planning and proposal preparation (1-2months)

After receipt of digital architectural drawings of the location (dwg or dxf files, incl. sectional drawings) 2D drawings will be created as well as a preliminary planning of upcoming costs for the implementation of a ROLLERCOASTERRESTAURANT®. This is a free of charge service for you. In case the customer requires personal visits of the location by us or one of our subcontractors all corresponding costs will be borne by the customer.

2nd stage- detailed planning & definition of production and building requirements (2-3 months)

On request a process scheduling for the kitchen (no kitchen configuration) may be prepared for you as well as a 3D drawing of your restaurant in your location. During this stage and with consent of the customer detailed plans will be prepared in which technical functionality as well as all details regarding design, implementation, process scheduling will be taken into account.

Expenses in this context are 5% of the total offer price to be paid in advance. An order provided this costs will be credited at the purchase price. Otherwise the payment will not be compensated. Travel costs and expenses will be borne by the customer.

We recommend the 2nd stage as a basis for placing an order for the implementation of a ROLLERCOASTERRESTAURANT® in your location. However this is not an essential requirement for the conclusion of a purchase contract.

3rd stage- production, pre-assembly & delivery of the restaurant system (4-5months)

After approval of the detail planning, singing of contract as well as receipt of payment the production and the assembly of the restaurant system begins. The restaurant system will be mostly divided in various modules, packaged and delivered via container to the respective location.

4th stage- assembly (2,5-3,5 months)

The assembly of the ROLLERCOASTERRESTAURANT® starts as soon as all components of the restaurant are delivered to the construction site. In order to be able to start the assembly all necessary requirements agreed upon with the customer must be fulfilled on-site beforehand.

The assembly is made by highly experienced and qualified staff from Germany.

5th stage- staff training & opening

After finalization of the assembly a two days- training of your staff regarding care measures and operation of the restaurantsystem will take place.

After all, a ROLLERCOASTERRESTAURANT® is not a common restaurant. Therefore we highly recommend to have a few of our experienced staff on-site for an intense 2-4 weeks support during the opening phase of your restaurant. This recommendation is based on the experience that a newly opened ROLLERCOASTERRESTAURANT® is literally rushed from the first day on. With unexperienced staff this rush is impossible to handle.