The licensee has to provide the property for the ROLLERCOASTERRESTAURANT® . The property should comply with the following conditions:


A-rated locations in inner cities, shopping promenades, economic centers, or shopping malls of cities with 100.000 habitants and more or theme parks.


The guest area should be at least 250-300 m² additionally at least 200 m² for kitchen an storage. Ceiling heights of at least 6,50 m are necessarily required. Buildings with great glass facades are preferred to achieve big advertising effects on walking customers.

Generally, the higher the rooms of the building are, the more spectacular the ROLLERCOASTERRESTAURANT® can be built. Also, ROLLERCOASTERRESTAURANT® with more stories are feasible.

One Rollercoastertable with 12 seats needs an area of about 20 to 25 m².


If necessary for the implementing of the ROLLERCOASTERRESTAURANT® , some changes on the building must be done. The changes on the property must be paid by the licensee.


In the surrounding area of 1km, at least 10.000-20.000 residents with average income should live there, tourist attractions or sights with attraction power of 5.000 people daily should be there or at least 10.000 office workers should work there.

So if you know suitable properties in metropolis regions, we will very welcome, if you contact us.