FoodLoop® at Europa-Park®

Lines with waiting times of more than 60 minutes, the whole restaurant used 7 times a day, 15 meters high tracks, the fastest tracks of all ROLLERCOASTERRESTAURANTS®, spectecular lifts and two magnificent loops and epoch-making success - this is what the ROLLERCOASTERRESTAURANT® FoodLoop describes the best.

The third ROLLERCOASTERRESTAURANT® at Germany's largest theme park, the EUROPA-Park®, comprises about 195 seats in the restaurant. Hence this is smallest  ROLLERCOASTERRESTAURANT® concerning the capacity. The equipment, however, combined with the sensational tent-like building is astounding: the  ROLLERCOASTERRESTAURANT® FoodLoop® was not only the first ROLLERCOASTERRESTAURANT® ever including a loop track, it has also the highest lifts of all  ROLLERCOASTERRESTAURANT®with unbelievably 9 m lifting height. Furthermore, two high-capacity-conveyers are used to deliver food and beverages from the kitchen to an upper located dispatch area. Guests order at the  ROLLERCOASTERRESTAURANT® FoodLoop® on fixed single touch monitors.
Since 2011 when the  ROLLERCOASTERRESTAURANT® opened there is daily massive run on the  ROLLERCOASTERRESTAURANT®: the guests line up for more than 60 minutes to get seated in the restaurant and the whole restaurant is used up to 7 times a day. Also due to the 1A-rated location at the EUROPA-Park® the FoodLoop® attracted lots of media, e.g. the opening ceremony of the restaurant was accompanied by more than 300 journalists. Thanks to its success and fame the  ROLLERCOASTERRESTAURANT® FoodLoop® was awarded by the renowned THEA-Award which is kind of the Oscar of the theme park scene.
The EUROPA-Park® operates the  ROLLERCOASTERRESTAURANT® FoodLoop® with their catering capacities in the theme park. Thus the EUROPA-Park® is also a HeineMack®-licensee.
Europa-Park-Straße 2
77977 Rust


Quick Facts

  • Worldwide fist LOOPINGRESTAURANT® at the EUROPA-Park® in Rust
  • A-location
  • Opening: April 2011
  • 6 Liftsystems at the first floor
  • 2 transport conveyor from the kitchen to the dispatch area
  • 2 loops
  • 195 seats