17 lifts assist the food and beverage to send them on the journey to guests in the ROLLERCOASTERRESTAURANT® Hamburg. The restaurant is the first license-operated ROLLERCOASTERRESTAURANT® following the prototype restaurant ROLLERCOASTERRESTAURANT® Nürnberg.

The ROLLERCOASTERRESTAURANT® Hamburg has appr. 210 seats. The building of the restaurant is one-storied, what implied that theROLLERCOASTERRESTAURANT® Hamburg needed possibilities to gain height to transport the food and beverages on the rail tracks to the guests. Therefore 17 lifts are used in the restaurant that are installed in a certain area to dispatch the food and beverages to the targeted tables. The guests at the ROLLERCOASTERRESTAURANT® Hamburg order digitally via touch terminals their menu.
The ROLLERCOASTERRESTAURANT® Hamburg opened in 2010 and is the second ROLLERCOASTERRESTAURANT® after the prototype restaurant ROLLERCOASTERRESTAURANT® Nuremberg. It has been, however, the first restaurant that has not been operated by HeineMack® GmbH, but the ROLLERCOASTERRESTAURANT® Hamburg has been the first license restaurant with an external operator. Since that time the ROLLERCOASTERRESTAURANT® Hamburg is constantly successful and people are still highly attracted by the that special restaurant. Altough the ROLLERCOASTERRESTAURANT® Hamburg is located in Hamburg's suburb Harburg (C-rated location), the restaurant attracts locals as well as tourists. The crowd pulling effect may also be caused by the successful marketing activities of the operators.
The operator of theROLLERCOASTERRESTAURANT® Hamburg is CFS Gastronomie GmbH & Co. KG that also operates the ROLLERCOASTERRESTAURANT® Dresden.
Harburger Schloßstraße 22
21079 Hamburg
Tel. +49 40 / 897 21 31 0


Quick Facts

  • One floor ROLLERCOASTERRESTAURANT® in Hamburg, Harburg
  • B-C-Locatoin
  • Opening: August 2010
  • Dispatch via 17 lift systems
  • 210 seats