The world's biggest ROLLERCOASTERRESTAURANT® is located in Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, where the famous Formula 1 Grand Prix and the indoor theme park Ferrari World are. A tornado-shaped gigantic sprial is the restaurant's highlight. Serveral loops and sensational rail tracks also contribute to the entertainment of the 360 seats big ROLLERCOASTERRESTAURANT®. The ROLLERCOASTERRESTAURANT® in Abu Dhabi is the masterrestaurant for a franchise of one of our licensees from Libanon. This licensee purchased the license rights for 17 muslim countries. The franchise concept which is developed by our licensee operates under the name ROGO`s.  

The ROLLERCOASTERRESTAURANT® in Abu Dhabi has about 360 seats. Thus it is the biggest ROLLERCOASTERRESTAURANT® ever realized. The ROLLERCOASTERRESTAURANT® is located in Abu Dhabi's most recent and biggest mall, Yas Mall, on Yas Island, Abu Dhabi's touristic and entertainment domicile. The famour indoor theme park Ferrari World and the Formula 1 circuit "Yas Marina" are also on Yas Island. Ferrari World is even directly connected with Yas Mall. The ROLLERCOASTERRESTAURANT® is located at the Town Square in the main center of the mall and is the culinary and entertaining highlight of the mall. Furthermore, lots of technical innovation were implemented in the ROLLERCOASTERRESTAURANT®: the restaurant has serveral loops, whereas two of them are parallel and opposed running. Another hightlight is the tornado: the tornado is a spiral that becomes narrower from top to down.
The following video gives some good impression of this spectacular restaurant including its highly technical equipment:
The ROLLERCOASTERRESTAURANT® in Abu Dhabi also convinces with its delicious food:

Even prior to the opening the Yas Mall management decided to use the ROLLERCOASTERRESTAURANT® as main advertising medium for the mall's marketing campaigns in order to differentiate the mall from the dozens of other malls in the UAE.
The operator of this ROLLERCOASTERRESTAURANT® is JWA Group, based in Dubai and Beirut. JWA Group is about to establish an own franchise concept including an own franchise brand within several different arabian countries. 
Yas Mall - Town Square
Abu Dhabi
Vereinigte Arabische Emirate



Quick Facts

  • A-location in the new YAS Mall, next to the Ferrari World and Formula 1 race track
  • Two floor Restaurant
  • Opening: November 2014
  • 2 transport conveyors from the kitchen to the dispatch area
  • 3 lift systems
  • 1 double loop
  • 1 parallel double loop
  • 1 tornado (about 12 m height)
  • 360 seats